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Below are links to some of the inspirations, theoretical foundations and practical resources used in my practice.




Pegasus Communications (publishers of a wide range of resources on systems thinking and system dynamics). They host the annual ‘Systems Thinking in Action’ conference.

Organization Systems Renewal Program at Seattle University is a 2-year Masters program providing graduate students with a unique blend of theory and practice in service of designing and leading organizational change.

The World Cafe methodology is a powerful way to help groups come to a common understanding about complex topics they care about. I find it consistently effective for engaging people in real, useful dialogue that can lead to visioning and action planning.

Crucial Skills Newsletter is a weekly publication by the company VitalSmarts focused on improving one-on-one communication skills in the workplace and at home. You can subscribe to the newsletter or read from the archives on this website.



Places to Intervene Within a System by Donella Meadows. An explanation of why some leverage points are more effective than others. This is the practical and thought-provoking theory upon which my ‘Leverage Points’ workshop is based. The article is written in clear and accessible language.



Managing Transitions
by William Bridges
Now Discover Your Strengths
by Marcus Buckingham
Solving Tough Problems
by Adam Kahane
Crucial Conversations
by Patterson, Grenny et al
Finding Our Way
by Margaret Wheatley

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